A BRADFORD councillor has warned the "hateful" crimes of neo-Nazi Alice Cutter have "no place" in the city.

The former 'Miss Hitler' beauty pageant contestant was among four neo-Nazi "diehards" convicted of being members of the banned terrorist group National Action.

23-year-old Alice Cutter, originally from Bradford, was jailed for three years after a trial in March.

Cutter, who entered the Miss Hitler beauty contest as Miss Buchenwald - a reference to the Second World War death camp - had denied ever being a member, despite attending the group's rallies, in which banners reading "Hitler was right" were raised.

Cutter had also suggested that "immigrant" families enjoying Bradford's Mirror Pool should be "napalmed".

A court heard how she wrote of her "horror" when she saw the woman in a swimming costume as she relaxed with her family in warm weather during the spring of 2017.

She also branded women involved in mixed-raced relationships as "mentally-deficient sluts", jurors were told.

Councillor Nazam Azam (Labour, Bradford City) condemned Cutter's actions and felt "the right message" had been sent to those who follow far-right or extremist ideologies.

Speaking after the trial, Cllr Azam told the Telegraph & Argus: "There's no room, no space for such intolerance. Nevermind in Bradford or anywhere. The court process has delivered justice.

"Whoever is involved in such activity, the police and the legal system is there to take note of it and deliver the justice process.

"I do remember it (the evidence in the trial) was absolutely ridiculous.

"The right channels will deal with such behaviour and it's absolutely unacceptable in Bradford and anywhere else.

"Such hateful and spiteful behaviour, activity, is not welcome anywhere, especially not in Bradford.

"Three years, I know it's not significant but it's sending the right message that such behaviour will not be tolerated."

In a message to anyone remaining silent about any extremist groups or followers in Bradford, the councillor said: "They need to be reported to the relevant authorities. We do see an increase in right wing extremism but I have every confidence in the authorities."

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