A BLIND young woman's post to raise awareness about the difficulties she faces when out and about on her walks has gone viral on Facebook.

Ella Sparrow, 20, from Baildon, posted on the social media site to share her experience and so far it has been shared over 10,500 times, liked more than 2,000 times and has attracted hundreds of comments.

Her post said: “A polite notice to communities...Hedging your bets like I do?

“As a blind individual, I am finding it increasingly difficult to walk my usual routes around the local area. There are countless bushes/trees overhanging onto and dominating the pavements.

“As my long cane helps me navigate my way around using reference points, these overgrown obstacles often disorientate me and are difficult to manoeuvre around safely.

Ella and her sister Millie

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

“Even with a trained sighted guide, these obstacles are tricky to tackle as we are forced to go single file.

“Overhead dangling foliage on public paths, also pose a danger as they are a facial hazard.

“Whilst many have an increased time availability during these current times, I pledge for you to maintain any foliage overhang from your property, to make the pavements safer for the less able.

“Please share to try help the wider community.”

Ella said she encounters the problem most days and it makes her feel anxious – and it’s not only a problem for her, but also for wheelchair users and people pushing prams.

Many comments have been left in response from people living in different parts of the country, showing how widespread a problem it is.

One person wrote: “Let’s ALL have a little thought for others! Go out now and sort this problem.”

And another person said: “I couldn't agree more, Ella. I too am partially sighted. Overhanging bushes are a real problem. Especially if they're thorny.

"I've had a couple of near misses, where a thorny shoot has been at eye level. Cars parked on the pavement are also a problem, if I have to step out onto the road to get past. It can be scary at times.”

Ella said she was shocked at how many times the post was shared on Facebook as they didn't realise how much traction it would get UK-wide.

Her sister Millie, 19, said they had also put letters through doors on some of Ella’s common routes, which some people did take notice of.

She said: “It’s raising awareness, we are trying to spread the world and help others.”