FROM medical staff to care workers, key workers to charity staff and children to neighbours, the Bradford district has rallied round to help each other out in their time of need.

The coronavirus pandemic has drawn us together with members of the public giving a helping hand to those they don’t know and others going the extra mile to look after those who need it.

To mark all this the Telegraph & Argus has been lauding those who sometimes do not get the credit they deserve and who have been nominated by family, friends, acquaintances or fans who appreciate what they have done to stem the Covid-19 crisis, ease suffering or just bring some cheer into people’s lives.


I would like to nominate all of my colleagues, including myself, at Yorkshire Water for working both on the front line and in the background to ensure that everyone in Yorkshire have had enough water to wash their hands, stay at home and try to stay healthy during this pandemic.

Fran Richardson


I would like to nominate the organisers and volunteers of The Memory Tree which offers support to people with dementia and their carers. Usually this organisation holds meetings twice a month in Idle, Keighley, Low Moor and Shipley and, during the current situation, they continue to offer their support by telephone and by regularly contacting their members to make sure they are well and not in need of help. I particularly want to mention Bob Hutton who is running a WhatsApp group for members, with a quiz three times a week. Not only do members join in the quiz, there is also friendship and support within the group through online chat and banter. Many thanks to all of you.

Pat Waite


I wish to nominate a charity named Al Mahad ul Islami and Masjid Noorul Islam that has helped my patients with not only food parcels, but utilities top ups ie gas, electric and mobile phone, and warm meal every evening when other organisations provided a bureaucratic response. The charity provided a relaxed and approachable response in maintaining patient safety. They have made an elderly isolated lady with no family very happy by providing regular cat food citing the approach if she is happy the cat is happy. I salute them for keeping the patients safe and well in their homes.

Parveen Kauser


Community centres across Bradford closed when the lock down was introduced but many community organisations have been hard at work serving the most vulnerable in our city: distributing food packs, providing hygiene products, helping with home schooling and providing activity packs for children. Over the last four weeks families across the district have been receiving food parcels and hygiene packs put together and delivered by Feeding Bradford, Bradford Met Food Bank, Bradford Deaf Community Association, Allerton Community Enterprise and Peak Tuition Academy. With Eid approaching we are putting together special food parcels along with high quality activity packs for over 50 children living in deprived areas across the district so families can share special memories on a special day. We would like to thank The Science Museum and Morrisons for their contributions. Since lock down began, Peak Tuition Academy has been supporting families across the district with home schooling. Parents who need some advice about their children’s education can contact the qualified teachers at Peak Tuition Academy for free on 03300 109 919.

Shajat Mahmood


I wish to nominate the Community Response Hub at Holy Trinity Church, Idle, for all that they are doing for the local community. They are shopping for people and collecting prescriptions from the pharmacy and delivering them. In addition, they are taking out food parcels to those in need. They are really helping to make the lives of people in our community better through all they are doing. The volunteers are doing a fantastic job!

Les Walker


I would like to nominate Harvey Ryder, an 18-year-old student at Leeds UTC. Prior to his 18th on the 2nd May he wanted to help the NHS with the fight against coronavirus but he was too young. To help him help, he was given his 18th birthday present early - a 3D printer - so he could print 3D shields. He very quickly set up a Facebook page and began making shields, initially using £200 of his own money to fund them. He found that the demand for shields was very high so recruited local people with printers to help him, he then managed a small team of people to print shields, he advertised, took orders, delivered, fundraised and coordinated the supply and demand. He also contacted his college to see if they could help and they decided to let him go into college to use the printers there. He now drives to Leeds every day and prints between 50/70 shields a day. To date he has made over 1,700 shields, he supplied 220 to the fourth largest care home, as well as ERS, BRI, care homes and local businesses. He is also supplying 50 a day to Leeds ICU. I am very proud of him. He is very inspiring to other teenagers to help and put their skills to good use. He could have been just sat at home on his Xbox!

Michelle Ryder


I would like to nominate our local council worker Talat Sajawal because he has supported and helped our elderly and vulnerable people during coronavirus lockdown. Talat Sajawal has shown us many occasions that he is most reliable person who will do anything to support and help our BD5 community people.

Farah Malik