A NURSERY group with seven branches directly in Bradford has invested in state-of-the-art technology, used in international airports, to keep staff, children and parents safe.

Kinder Haven Nurseries has installed thermal screening cameras at four of its nurseries to check for those who might have a temperature and detect possible early signs of coronavirus.

Kinder Haven Day Nursery in Pudsey was the first location to get the new system, with the nurseries at Sticker Lane, Horsforth and Halifax Road following suit last week and this week.

The remaining five nurseries under the Kinder Haven banner will also be installing cameras in the coming months.

The group has stayed open right throughout the pandemic to support essential key workers and frontline NHS staff.

But as the lockdown begins to ease, nursery director, Danielle Dixon, has taken the decision to enhance Kinder Haven's safety measures even further.

She said: "This is an amazing step forward for us, for innovation and investing in enhanced safety systems.

"We have always been dedicated to promoting the safety and well-being of children in our care and the health and safety of our staff, including developing systems to be at the forefront of the early years sector."

The thermal cameras help the early detection of high skin surface temperatures and monitor people walking through the "detection zone", which is in the nurseries' reception areas.

This provides rapid early screening and verbal alerts.

Mrs Dixon said: "The system specifically measures the core skin temperature of each person, it flags up anyone reading a high or elevated temperature, giving a warning announcement, with accurate tracking real time that can do multiple detections at once.

"The system interacts with our fob access entry system to doors and if the alert is sounded and a high or elevated temperature detected, the inner reception door is automatically locked (restricting access).

"We can then check individuals for further confirmation with a clinical measurement device (portable thermometer).

"This system will enable us to support early detection, reduce the risk of community transmission and keep everyone safer."

The director admits the group are proud to be "one of the first" in the sector to install the new cameras.

She added: "This system is used in airports internationally and installed worldwide in care, education, business and health sectors. "