BRADFORD residents are being asked what changes they would like to see in Bradford city centre as the city recovers from lockdown.

Bradford Civic Society is the first Civic Society in the country to trial an online tool that let’s people navigate an online map and “drop” suggestions for certain areas onto it. The pilot phase ends on Friday, and over 60 people have already used the tool to make suggestions on ways Bradford could improve.

Suggestions so far include demolishing eyesore buildings, preventing dangerous parking on busy streets and adding more greenery to the city centre.

People can also use the tool to praise certain areas of the city.

Restaurant plan for building in city's West End

“Future Vision” has been developed by Civic Society Place Panel member Kieren Thompson with IBI Group, who were happy to use their expertise to help show how cities can adapt to challenges brought on by Covid-19.

The Society says it was set up “with the aim of improving urban design and thereby making Bradford a more socially just, inclusive and sustainable city.”

They say it will be particularly useful as the city emerges from lockdown, and Bradford Council and local businesses look at new ways of attracting people back to the centre.

Suggestions that have been made by members of the public so far include

- better policing of the cut through in Ivegate, with one person saying: “Unsavoury characters hang round”

- Improvements to liven up the Well Street side of Broadway, described as a “dull boring road with no commerce.”

- Better taxi facilities at Bradford Interchange. One user said: “There is not enough room to manoeuvre and unless your passengers are Linford Christie, you soon find people queueing behind with no where to go.”

- The demolition of Park House, an office building on Well Street near the entrance to Little Germany. One user says is is an “Out of place building that also masks the view of one of Europe’s finest streetscapes”

- Improve the ‘shambolic’ car park layout at Forster Square Retail Park

- Prevent cars picking up and dropping people off at the junction of Cheapside and Kirkgate

Bradford Civic Society Chairperson Si Cunningham said: “The Future Vision map is a really neat way for people to share their ideas for Bradford – whether it’s a grand plan or a little win.

“Bradford Civic Society will always welcome big masterplans and strategic thinking, but when it comes to having ideas for how to make the city that little bit better, really it’s our own citizens that often know what’s best for Bradford.”

To make a suggestion, visit here