A petition aiming to ban disposable barbecues from being used in the open had attracted over 18,000 signatures by Wednesday lunchtime. 

It was set up on change.org after a series of fires across Yorkshire and neighbouring counties during the heatwave.

There have been a number of incidents in Bradford district, including one that left Keighley firefighters dumbfounded in March. The crew from Keighley got to the fire in the Bankside area near Keighley - just in time to stop it spiralling out of control.

Beauty spots in the Peak District, which spans West and South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire, have been among the worst-affected areas.

A blaze at Digley Reservoir, Kirklees, was confirmed to have been caused by a barbeque at the weekend, while Tuesday's huge blaze at Dove Stone reservoir in Saddleworth, within the historic boundary of Yorkshire, is still under investigation.

Yorkshire Water already tells visitors not to light barbecues or fires at its sites, as do some other landowners.

Rebecca Oakley, who started the petition, wrote: "Enough is enough...... it’s time to ban disposable bbq’s in the open countryside and moorland.

"I live in the Peak District and for as long as I can remember people bringing disposable bbq’s out into the open countryside and moorland has led to devastating fires.

"Two years ago we had the huge Saddleworth Moor fire, not only was this one of the largest English wild fires in living memory but it cost the economy millions. "We are still only in May, however everyday I hear of further moor fires, and the majority look to have been started from disposable bbq’s, in fact just this weekend there have been fires at Chatsworth, Bamford Edge and Barlow/Curbar Edge (Derbyshire).

"These fires take long periods of time to bring under control and extinguish completely, as with moor fires once a part of the fire has been extinguished the fire can travel under ground and reignite in a new location. They bring devastating effects to the local area, destroy wildlife, kill huge areas of natural beauty and not to mention our lives at risk, all of which is completely unnecessary and avoidable.

"Please sign this petition and lets get the use of disposable bbq’s in open countryside and moorland banned and made illegal."

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