A YORKSHIRE-based company has put a twist on a British favourite, but it is a monster.

Prestige Hampers is taking orders online for the ultimate sausage roll which the company says is perfect for Father's Day, on June 21 - or at any other time if you are feeling particularly hungry.

The tasty snack weighs in at 1kg and measures a whopping 15 inches (40cms).

Prestige Hampers believes it to be the biggest sausage roll in the UK.

The company's executive officer Mohammad Khan said: "Yes, you heard right. At 15 inches long and weighing in at a mighty 1kg, it has beaten its predecessor by a whole three inches, a title which has been held for almost three years by Morrisons. The mammoth sausage roll is almost three times the length and eight times the weight of some high street competitors."

"The humongous sausage rolls are made fresh and are available to buy online at www.prestigehampers.co.uk from Monday, June 1. Enriched with all-butter puff pastry and packed with succulent premium pork shoulder, herbs and seasonings.

"It’s the perfect treat to give to dad this Father’s day. Who doesn’t love a giant sausage roll?"

According to the company's website the treat will set you back £16.99.