"AS soon as he set eyes on her he said 'I'm going to marry her'."

It all began in 1949 when Peter Jones, then 24, walked into an Idle dance hall and saw Joyce, 18, stood across the room.

Peter had a gut feeling when he saw her and now, 70 years later, the couple is celebrating 70 years of marriage.

Joyce, one of six siblings, wore one of her sisters's wedding dress to their ceremony at Idle Parish Church - now Holy Trinity Church - before jetting off to the Isle of Man for their honeymoon and the TT races.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

They raised two children, Philip and Susan, together between the Undercliffe and Eccleshill area and Otley, where Peter worked as a lecturer for British Telecoms for a short period of time.

The pair now share five grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren.

Remembering the moment they met for the first time, Joyce said: "He came into the dance hall. and he said to his mate, 'That's my wife over there'.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

"He just asked me if I'd marry him. After we got engaged, I said 'How did you know I'd say yes?'. He said 'I would have carried on until you said yes'!"

Asked if there is a secret to their successful marriage, she said: "We've got trust in each other.

"I don't believe anybody who says they don't ever have a wrong word. You have got two people together, there's supposed to be something you don't like between the two of you but you've just got to put it on one side and work hard at it.

"Marriage is hard work. You've got to work hard.

"It's marvellous when you think, 70 years is a long time."

Their daughter, Susan Rhodes, says their family-oriented nature keeps them together.

The pair share a love for stock car racing and often visit their cousin, who lives in Sussex, for events down South.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

While her brother, Philip, spends time with Peter for Bradford City matches, Joyce enjoys quality time with her daughter.

Susan told the Telegraph & Argus: "As soon as he set eyes on her he said 'I'm going to marry her'.

"They've always been together. They are family-oriented."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Asked why she thinks her parents are a true match, she said: "It's just working together really. I don't know, they just work it out and carry on.

"These days people are marrying and the last little thing they're off."

The couple celebrated their anniversary at their daughter's house, where they are currently living due to covid-19 lockdown.

The pair enjoyed the sunshine and relaxed in the garden, reminiscing about years gone by.