A CAR flipped onto its roof after a crash at a major crossroad last night.

West Yorkshire Police was called to a collision on Briggate, at its junction with Otley Road (known locally as Foxes Corner or Fox Corner crossroad), in Shipley.

It involved two cars and happened at around 8.19pm on Bank Holiday Monday.

A picture of the crash seen by the T&A shows one car on its roof in the middle of Briggate, just past the junction, heading towards Wrose.

Bits of debris can be seen near the vehicle, with a full bumper just to the left of it.

A yellow car is sat right in the middle of the junction and has damage to its front.

The photo also shows a crowd of more than ten people trying to help.

A member of the public, who wished to remain anonymous, said the crash made a very loud noise.

They added: "I didn't see what happened, I heard it and looked out my window and saw the crash.

"A lot of young people got out of the blue car.

"Some people from the crash were picked up and driven off."

The anonymous member of the public also said the traffic lights at the crossroad were out.

There were multiple people on social media website, Facebook, who supported this suggestion.

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police said it was a "damage only" collision.

Foxes Corner/Fox Corner is usually a major commuting route in and out of Bradford city centre.