THE Hussain Family from Lister Hills has shared how the Ramadan period has been "special" despite the lockdown.

Restrictions to their usual routine means Muslims have been unable to pray at the mosque and enjoy Iftaar - the breaking of fast - together.

Reflecting on this year's religious event, Dad Nasar said: "You learn how important family members are when you can't see them. You learn how important friends are. You also learn how serious things can change with covid-19, how it can have a knock on effect on your life.

"Not being able to go to the mosque and Friday Prayer has really been upsetting and kind of spiritually bringing us down. During Ramadan we have the special prayer called the taraweeh and that is a special spiritual prayer where we start the Holy Quraan from the beginning. Everybody at the mosques gather to listen and they finish the whole 30 chapters of the Quraan throughout the month. That's really been missed."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

But his children turned lockdown into an opportunity to make their loved ones and neighbours smile from afar.

"I've not even got the words to express what my heart wants to say," Nasar said.

"It brought me to tears."

The family has six children: three-year-old Sultan, six-year-old Zainub, seven-year-old Khatija, nine-year-old Bilaal, 10-year-old Zain, and 11-year-old Noor.

Noor said: "It was my sister's idea (Khatija). We were playing and she says, 'We should do something different this Ramadan. Maybe we should help people, we should think about the people who don't have what we have. We should share this idea'.

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"We got all our spendings. We've got little packages and we would go outside. We would knock off the door and when our neighbours went to open them we would wave at them.

"It's very good to give people things, to help people. You never know when you might need help one day and the person you've helped might help you."

The packs included freshly baked buns, dougnuts and strawberries dipped in chocolate as well as fun toys for kids, like felt tip pens and work books.

There were boxes for both boys and girls.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Khatija said the Ramadan period had been "really good".

"I've been baking, we've been baking lots of doughnuts", she said.

"It's special because it's really fun."

While six-year-old Zainub added: "This evening was so good giving presents and I was so happy to see everybody and so glad."

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