FROM medical staff to care workers, key workers to charity staff and children to neighbours, the Bradford district has rallied round to help each other out in their time of need.

The coronavirus pandemic has drawn us together with members of the public giving a helping hand to those they don't know and others going the extra mile to look after those who need it.

To mark all this the Telegraph & Argus is today lauding those who sometimes do not get the credit they deserve and who have been nominated by family, friends, acquaintances or fans who appreciate what they have done to stem the Covid-19 crisis, ease suffering or just bring some cheers into people's lives.


My partner Dez and colleagues still working at Warburton’s are heroes My partner’s daughter Alice and colleagues working at Shibden Head nursery working with key workers’ children, these are my heroes. My son-in-law and his colleagues working for the water board, these are all my heroes but I’ve not heard these jobs mentioned as key workers but we wouldn’t last long without them.

Jan Taylor


I would like to nominate my fellow staff at bedes close through all of this pandemic we have come together to ensure the people we support are we have gone above and beyond as always

Kayleigh Jacqueline


I would say workers in all the food manufacturers that are working for Morrisons and the food packaging manufacturers at Sonoco, Bradford, where I work who are all working hard around the clock to keep the nation fed.

Jonathan Stringer


These guys both young and older have worked throughout lockdown to deliver the T&A to customers in Bingley, they deserve a mention for their efforts: Steve Waite, Kaitlin Wildman, Izzy Powell, Ethan Powell, Dylan Maynard, Damian Maynard, Sue Stanley, Ted Fox, Evie Sharp, Holly Wadkin, Aimee Sanderson.

Steve Waite


I’d like to nominate a Facebook page who’s helped out at the start of the pandemic who was one of the first Facebook page helping Bradford and Leeds residents with essential food and stuff, He calls him self Mr Justice the Facebook page is called: Justice for all people’s campaign.

Mohammed Khan


Please could I nominate the teachers and staff at Clayton Village Primary School. They have worked tirelessly throughout the lockdown providing daily care for key worker children, producing brilliant online learning for those children at home, been in contact regularly, have provided meal packs for those who need and have done it all with a smile on their faces, despite being just as anxious as the rest of the nation. We are so grateful to have such incredible, caring professionals caring for our children. I think all our teachers should have the recognition they deserve. I hope the country realises after seven weeks of home schooling just how amazing our teachers are.



It is fantastic for the paper to give a platform for those who deserve a great appreciation and recognition for their work. I would like to draw your kind attention to the super work that JKN Outreach have been doing since Nov 2018. It is privately funded by individuals and every Sunday, without fail, they have been providing clothing, food parcels, hygiene items and hot meals (with hot drinks) to those in need. During the recent crisis of Covid-19 they have quickly adapted and responded to the needs of the homeless and the vulnerable and managing to provide outside their premises at Spring Gardens approximately 100-130 meals a week! At the end of their Sunday sessions (4-6pm) they then drop off meals to Salvation Army and certain single men's hostels, and other supported accommodation for the homeless. Just want to emphasise that these unsung heroes, during these unprecedented times, have consistently given up their individual family time to come and support a bigger family which are their fellow Bradford citizens.

Ebrar Khan


I would like to nominate the team at Hillbro nursing home in Baildon. They are doing a wonderful job looking after all the vulnerable residents. Their care includes my husband. Thank you one and all.

Carol Cook


I would like to nominate Joanne Coyle. She works as a support worker fore Care Dynamics and has been going to work still. I highly recommend her. Also I would like to nominate Jacqueline Holdsworth who works in a care home and doing very difficult job, putting needs of others before her own and her family members, while doing a difficult job in these circumstances.

Ruth Belcher


I nominate Kris Hardy, he’s gone above and beyond using his own money to provide PPE to key workers such as myself as I’m a carer and the doctors and nurses at the BRI hospital.

Jodie Preston


In these unprecedented times, my siblings have day in, day out gone to work. My brother, Usman, is a social worker. He looks after and supports children ensuring they are protected and safe. In times like these, when children are in lockdown, their safety becomes more of a concern. My brother puts himself at risk every day ensuring the children are not at risk. We shouldn’t forget heroes like him also! My sister, Tasmia, a teacher that goes above and beyond. She looks after and educates the children of our NHS and key workers so they can go out and save us all. Without teachers like my sister, without heroes like her that our NHS rely on for children support right now, we wouldn’t be fighting this pandemic the way we are! My sister, Asiya Bibi, a fantastic mental health nurse. Whilst the world is battling this invisible enemy, let us not forget those that are battling with their mental health. Those struggling with mental health do so on a daily basis and with this lockdown and pandemic they struggle even more. My sister goes daily to work despite potential Covid 19 cases at her workplace and she supports those with mental health problems. She reassures them and is there for them as a friend and as family in a time where visiting friends and family is not an opportunity for them. So well done to the mental health nurses, we clap for you too!

Azra Khadi


I would like to nominate my father-in-law Steve Potts. He has been working day and night producing PPE visors which has been delivered to both the BRI and Airedale Maternity Unit. Steve has been funding all the materials out of his own pocket and spends hours on the production line making sure he can make as many front line staff as possible safe. Always been a hero in our eyes but now I am sure he is a hero with a lot more people we are so proud of what he is doing.

Michelle Potts


I would like to nominate Harvey Ryder, an 18-year-old student at Leeds UTC. Prior to his 18th on the 2nd May he wanted to help the NHS with the fight against coronavirus but he was too young. To help him help, he was given his 18th birthday present early - a 3D printer - so he could print 3D shields. He very quickly set up a Facebook page and began making shields, initially using £200 of his own money to fund them. He found that the demand for shields was very high so recruited local people with printers to help him, he then managed a small team of people to print shields, he advertised, took orders, delivered, fundraised and coordinated the supply and demand. He also contacted his college to see if they could help and they decided to let him go into college to use the printers there. He now drives to Leeds every day and prints between 50/70 shields a day. To date he has made over 1,700 shields, he supplied 220 to the fourth largest care home, as well as ERS, BRI, care homes and local businesses. He is also supplying 50 a day to Leeds ICU. I am very proud of him. He is very inspiring to other teenagers to help and put their skills to good use. He could have been just sat at home on his Xbox!

Michelle Ryder


I would like to nominate Councillor Fozia Shaheen. Despite her being ill herself with Covid 19 symptoms it never stopped her from helping people with learning disabilities and their families. She has made sure the young people have had activities and the parents have had the relevant support. I needed help with my UC and she sorted it all out for me. This is not her job, but she didn't say no. She has worked with organisations to make sure people in the community who are isolated and vulnerable get food parcels, despite being ill. All heroes don't wear capes. She deserves to be recognised. True soldier

Alisha Sajad

I would like to nominate Councillor Fozia Shaheen. The reason for my nomination is she's been a life saver for me and my family. I could not ask for anything more. I called her thinking she is a 'mental health counsellor', not knowing she is an elected member of the council. I explained my situation to her and how I have been affected due to the lockdown. Not once did she mention I need to go xyz she cannot help me. Instead she listened and talked to me explaining what she can offer me. I was also in crisis as I have young children my benefit has stopped, I couldn't get the school meals sorted for the kids and so on. I was on breaking point. She sorted me out with food parcels for 1.5 weeks, sorted our free school meals and put me through to a mental health agency who have been extremely supportive. I've never met Councillor Fozia Shaheen but I have no words to say, she is my hero. A true community champion. And the best thing is I'm not even living in her constituency, she just helped. Secondly, we are a group of single parents, who have limited income she has made sure we get food parcels delivered to our doorstep. After speaking to a number of people I have learnt this is Councillor Fozia Shaheen's nature. She likes to help people and put the first. Despite her being ill herself she went over and above and never mentioned once she's unwell.

Sarah Khan

  • If you would like to nominate an individual or group for our Bradford Heroes series, send an email to with their name, your name and why you are nominating them. Please attach a picture of them if you have one.