WITH many people now heading back to work, MyJobQuote has put together a guide on how to prevent home burglaries.

1. Intrusion monitoring

There’s no way around it, a HD CCTV system is a must.

With systems today, images captured are of the highest quality and burglars will think twice about coming near your home if they are aware these systems are installed.

It is a good idea to have signs on your home that state you have security and intrusion monitoring in place, as this does deter intruders.

2. Add motion sensor lighting

This is a great feature to incorporate with your intrusion monitoring. Sensors will detect motion and are so ‘smart’ today, that they can detect motion differences between your dog, kids, and potential burglars.

3. Upgrade to ‘smart features’

In addition to the monitoring CCTV system you install, consider upgrading to other ‘smart features.’

For example, there are doors which will ring or notify you when there are nearby threats, and locksets allow you to use access codes or biometric fingerprint scanning, as opposed to a traditional key, to create more security.

4. Utilise neighbours 

It is a good idea to become friends with your neighbours.

They can be your greatest ally when you are away from the home.

If you are planning on leaving your property empty for a while, ask them to stop by your house every few nights to turn on the lights and mobilise things in the home.

All of these ‘little details’ go a long way in deterring potential burglars from trying to break in.

Burglars typically try to go after homes that are empty, and they will watch your movements and habits for weeks (even months) before they plan on an intrusion.

If they believe there is someone in the home, they are less likely to attempt to break in.

5. Put up signs

You know those homes which have signs that say there is a dangerous dog on the property?

Most people will stay away from those homes if they don’t know the owners, or if they aren’t familiar with the dogs.

The same can be said of intrusion monitoring and high-quality security alarm systems that you choose to install on your property.