DYNAMO thanked his fans for their messages of support after returning from hospital following a ‘flare up’ of his Crohn’s disease.

The 37-year-old magician, who suffers from Crohn’s disease and arthritis, took to Twitter to give his fans an update on his condition.

He also urged people to ‘reach out’ to those who may be having a tough time during the coronavirus pandemic.

In the video, Dynamo said: “I’m still feeling a bit rough. I’m resting up. It is the life and times of someone with this condition.

“I had a flare-up and had a small trip to the hospital.

“It happens to someone with my condition. It is what it is.

“I’m staying positive. You’ve got to stay calm when your body is anything but calm.

“Your messages show me I am not alone with this.

“If you know someone who is not having the best time, reach out to them."

It is the latest health problem for the Bradford-born magicians after he revealed last month that he tested positive for coronavirus but has since recovered.