THE Khidmat Centre has been making sure families can enjoy the spirit of Eid from home by handing out special gift bags.

As part of the centre's second Iftaar At Home event during Ramadhan, families get a warm food hamper and a number of presents to boost spirits in anticipation of Eid, which is just days away.

It includes henna cones, festive balloons, children’s colouring pictures, chocolates and an Eid card.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

National co-ordinator Sofia Buncy explained: “Eid is a celebratory occasion and in the present lockdown many families will not be able to carry our certain customs and traditions related to Eid day such as performing the Eid day prayer at mosque, family get together or visiting friends’ houses.

"The gift pack is a symbol of community spirit and endurance and a way of Khidmat Centres letting the community know that they are not forgotten.

"Usually, it is children that receive Eid gifts and presents and this may not be possible under the current conditions or maybe beyond the financial remit of parents. This is about us demonstrating a sense of care and belonging and putting a smile on the face of children who may already have been through so much."

Khidmat Centres has thanked Council for Mosques, Inspire Futures Foundation, Mary Magdalene CIC, The Syrian Refugee Association and the Sudanese Community in Bradford for their support.

The food package contains samosas, pakoras, Chicken Biryani and a fruit box which includes dates.

It helps 60 families plus individuals, largely those in asylum seeker and refugee communities who have made Bradford their home but may not have the financial means to support themselves in lockdown.

Khidmat Centres Chairperson, Sher Azam said: “We are so privileged to be able to provide an essential lifeline for some of the most vulnerable members of our communities. Our team at the Khidmat Centres has worked tirelessly throughout the Covid crises to reach our, care for and provide essential services."