A DOCUMENTARY on amateur football in Bradford will receive its online premier tomorrow.

‘Saturday Afternoon, Sunday Morning’ is one of five films by Dutch photographer Hans van der Meer.

He came to Bradford in 2004 to 2005, invited by Greg Hobson, Curator of Photography at the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, to photograph non-professional football as part of his project European Fields.

In addition to making photographs that featured in the resulting book and touring exhibition, Mr van der Meer made a series of ‘video observations’, including a 25-minute documentary about Bradford that has never been broadcast – until now.

The Bradford film will be streamed on YouTube on Friday, May 22, between 7pm and 7.45pm.

While the film its being streamed, viewers can enjoy the simultaneous text commentary by our invited artists and curators, and join in the conversation themselves.

All you need to do is head to YouTube and add your comments using the chat function.

Impressions Gallery is the official UK partner for European Fields Unlocked, a series of five films by Dutch photographer Hans van der Meer produced by Paradox, Netherlands.

To watch the film on Friday from 7pm, go to this link on YouTube.