WEST Yorkshire Police is supporting the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) speeding enforcement operation over post-lockdown concerns.

As lockdown eases and the country starts to slowly get back to work more cars will now be out on the road.

The force will be reminding drivers of the importance of sticking to the speed limit.

From Bank Holiday Monday, West Yorkshire Police will be carrying out increased enforcement activity on the roads and taking every opportunity to remind people of the potentially fatal consequences for yourself and others of driving over the speed limit.

Following its Christmas drink drug drive campaign, the force will again be using the hashtag #WYPTheCost and highlighting the potential cost of being caught speeding.

The consequences can include prison time, a fine and a driving ban, in addition to the devastating emotional impact on those involved and their families and loved ones if someone is injured as a result of a collision.

Chief Inspector Lisa Kirkland, head of West Yorkshire Police’s Roads Policing Unit, said: "During lockdown even though traffic was down 70%, we saw an increase in the number of people taking advantage of the quiet roads to speed. We also saw more people use the roads to cycle and more pedestrians and joggers on the streets.

"For the month of April we issued 588 speeding tickets. We also listened to members of the public who told us where speeding was a problem and deployed patrols to those areas.

"It’s a known fact that speeding causes road traffic collisions, there were 9 fatal collisions last year where speed was a factor.

"If you’re caught speeding the consequences could be you lose your licence, more points on your licence which in turn will see your insurance go up. If disqualified you could lose your job and your livelihood or even worse you could seriously injure yourself or others because your speed caused a collision. 

"Going over the speed limit can have fatal consequences for the person driving the car, passengers and others on the road. Our NHS colleagues are already under extreme pressure – it is important, more than ever, that drivers do not add to this.

“This year, we have more dedicated roads policing officers working on the roads of West Yorkshire to prevent the devastation that speeding can cause. We will not tolerate people risking their own and others road users’ lives by speeding.

"We all have a responsibility to play in keeping our roads safe, please slow down and save lives."