ANITA Rani has said that discussing miscarriages is a "taboo" and women often "suffer in silence" after revealing earlier this year that she has had one.

In January, the Bradford-born broadcaster told Red magazine that the incident, which happened in December 2018, had taught her it is "OK to be vulnerable".

Rani, 42, said that after she spoke about the incident she has had "loads of people get in touch just to say well done for speaking out", adding that the issue is "such a taboo".

"So many women go through it and yet, it's just such a secret that we all sort of suffer in silence," she said.

When she was initially asked to write for the magazine, at first she wrote a piece which said she "had a great year and I'm really positive".

She added: "And I just thought, bulls***, none of this is true, I've actually had a really difficult year."

Rani said that "it felt good to be able to use my voice to speak out about something that affects loads of people".

"I think what I've discovered is I've begun to give more of myself away the older I've got.

"I've realised that I have got a voice and, if I use it in the right way, it's meaningful to other people.

"For years and years and years I just kept my head down, kept myself to myself and just thought why would I talk about anything personal? My job is my job and the rest of it is my own.

"But now actually I just think, actually, it's really important for me to use this platform to speak about things because it gives other people permission and it makes other people feel connected as well."

Rani is the presenter of new Channel 4 programme Britain's Best Parent?, which will see parents display their techniques before a studio audience votes for their preferred style.

She said that the programme is about the parents "showing the world the way they do it and why they do it that way, and all of them are brilliant".

Britain's Best Parent? starts on Channel 4 on May 28.