THE founder of one of Bradford's longest running charities has described her situation as "depressing" after a water leak destroyed thousands of pounds worth of stock.

Dr Kathy Tedd, the director of Jubilee Outreach Yorkshire (JOY), stopped by the charity's branch in Shipley last Wednesday for a random check but knew something was wrong when the air smelt "foisty and horrible".

Dr Tedd walked down the stairs to find water had seeped into the building and damaged many racks of clothing and more than 400 books, some of which were expensive specialist editions.

The leak has blown out the electric wiring and left its carpets completely soaked and unable to be salvaged.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

JOY, which has no paid employees and is run entirely by volunteers, receives three quarters of its income via its two charity shops in the Aire Valley - this one and another in Bingley.

But now Dr Tedd is left counting the costs with no promise of an insurance pay out currently in sight.

It is the second flood to hit the shop, leaving everyone at a loss.

The charity worker told the Telegraph & Argus: "It's just been running down through the ceiling. It filled the basement about six inches. It's blown out the electrics and the lights. It's been very depressing.

"About 400 books gone, leather jackets covered in mould, a satin frock that's got mould across it. Clothes and shoes that are just saturated.

"What do we do with it?

"There must be at least £1,500 worth of books gone.

"I could have wept. It was appalling.

"The landlord feels it's not safe for us to go into the basement at present."

As the charity looks to move on, it is appealing for help to clear out the basement - whether it's one-off volunteers who are strong and healthy enough to move the stock or a small donation.

However, as the pandemic continues to affect our daily lives, it feels like an impossible situation.

Anyone who does help will have to consider social distancing and access to masks or PPE.

Meanwhile Dr Tedd falls under the 'at risk' category.

All of this leaves those who volunteer for the charity completely bewildered as they look to keep up with donations while paying for repairs.

The charity mainly provides support for the vulnerable in Romania or war-torn Yemen.

"They would just be left to die alone", Dr Tedd said.

In the past 25 years, JOY has helped renovate 16 orphanages, done up a couple of residential homes for the elderly and supplied hospitals in Romania.

It has set up children's camps to rescue them from the streets and poverty, as well as sending out aid to 30 other countries via agencies and workers it knows and trusts, said Dr Tedd.

It has also responded to a number of disasters, including floods and tsunamis. It also runs a Rheum-Care service which started out in three rooms in one flat helping people with physical disabilities get rehabilitation care. That project has grown and now sees about 200 patients every day. The charity also supports a home care service.

How can I help?

A fundraising page has since been launched on GoFundMe here.

Anyone who lives in the Shipley area and would like to make donations should contact Linda, who looks after the JOY store in Shipley, on 07512703771.

Anyone who lives in the Bingley area and would like to make donations should call Dr Tedd on 07751303210.