FROM medical staff to care workers, key workers to charity staff and children to neighbours, the Bradford district has rallied round to help each other out in their time of need.

The coronavirus pandemic has drawn us together with members of the public giving a helping hand to those they don't know and others going the extra mile to look after those who need it.

We've become a district who go out onto their doorsteps on a Thursday to Clap for Carers and our giving to good causes like Captain Tom Moore's appeal for the NHS Charities has stepped up a gear.

To mark all this the Telegraph & Argus is today lauding those who sometimes do not get the credit they deserve and who have been nominated by family, friends, acquaintances or fans who appreciate what they have done to stem the Covid-19 crisis, ease suffering or just bring some cheers into people's lives.

This week we are running a series of lists of those who have been nominated by you, our readers, to say thanks for what you've done in these days of darkness.

Today we look at those from our businesses, shops and council who have been nominated by members of the public across the district.


MNA Snooker Leisure Centre in Woodhead Road BD7 has been providing the local Police Neighbourhood Team high quality masks as well as Pharmacists and Care homes. Who ever needs them if they are aware they will and have been providing them. 



He works in Bradford at Asda groceries on Rooley Lane. I believe he should be nominated as he continues to go to work every day, helping the public and putting himself at risk coming into contact with strangers every day, he also has to then come home and look after a family whilst still providing care for loved ones.

Jamie Darbey


I would like to nominate Adam Chamley & Fiona Martin who work for HMRC in Forster Square, Bradford. Throughout the lock down they have worked tirelessly to ensure that the public can receive the various benefits that they are entitled to. They travel to and from the city centre daily on public transport, putting themselves at risk for the benefit of others and never complain. While many other Key Workers get daily recognition and praise for their efforts, HMRC staff seem to be overlooked. Without their skills and dedication to duty the country would not be able to function. They are doing an excellent job and should be praised for their selflessness.

Brian Harrison


I would like to nominate Jabran Ali who works in Bradford as a housing officer. Jabran has helped my mother who is over the age of 95 for the last five weeks in isolation with her shopping and medicines. Jabran is also a volunteer on the NHS Responder App and is a credit to the Bradford community.

Jibz Ali


I would like to nominate my husband Muhammad Nadeem who is the owner of Shimla Superstore. We are all going through this difficult time at the moment but my husband has continued to provide a service to the people in the community. Despite me telling him to stay indoors as I was worried he may catch the coronavirus as he was having contact with so many people he continued. He has worked tirelessly and kept the superstore running with it being so busy he’s hardly taken a day off. Him and his partners have done really well. We have lost loved ones, family and friends through Covid-19 but we have continued to provide a service to our community. He is a hero and we have hardly seen him because of his long hours and dedication. My children know that both mum and dad are key workers and they are very proud of us.

Saima Bibi


It gives us great pleasure to nominate Lilly Romani who works at Girlington Morrisons. She has been a Godsend to innumerable vulnerable and needy individuals and families in Bradford. Her pleasant and supportive manner is an example to us all. Whenever B4B have received a plea for food from desperate Bradfordian Lilly has been on hand and responded with a click of a button, she has worked tirelessly round the clock like a true hero of Bradford serving the elderly, deprived children and families. Lilly is a true unsung hero with a heart of gold. It is individuals like Lilly that make Bradford proud and I am so honoured to have worked with her in feeding supporting and befriending our most vulnerable individuals of Bradford. Thank you.



I would like to nominate my wife Saima Bibi, who has worked extremely hard during this pandemic. She works for Bradford Council and despite the challenges she has carried on working full time ensuring the safety and well-being of the vulnerable families she works with. This has been an emotional time for us as we have lost loved ones through Covid-19, friends and extended family, but she has continued to provide a service and work hard through this difficult time. Having a poorly daughter who suffers from asthma, my wife has continued to work really hard. Juggling home life and work life balance she continues to play a part in the community. She always puts others first and hardly thinks about her self which makes her our hero.

Muhammad Nadeem


Firstly I think it’s a lovely idea to recognise some of the people that are going above and beyond to help others during this difficult time. I would like to nominate my fiancée Kris Hardy at Nautical Vapes. For the past four weeks he has been supplying local NHS staff, including BRI Covid wards and children's wards, local care homes, local doctors and other frontline members with PPE equipment that he has purchased out of his pocket, spending quite a lot of money (£4,000). We have a family of our own and he’s still managed to provide these people with PPE equipment that should be already supplied. You may ask why he’s doing such a kind and wonderful thing, well 6 weeks ago I was struck with the deadly Covid-19 disease, he had to watch me struggle for breath, both worried I wasn’t going to make it, which gave him the passion to want to help the people that helped me. He was also in the army for nine years and he’s said numerous times it’s brought back memories of his Afghan tours, saying we are fighting a war we have no control over. He has gone above and beyond, witnessed how desperate these people are for the PPE equipment. Coming home stressed, worried and upset with dealing with these scared people on a daily basis has had an effect on him and I see the passion in his eyes and how much he wants to continue to help provide these people. Which is why two weeks ago I set up a Go Fund Me page on Facebook. So we can continue to help these people who are risking their lives on a daily basis to help us. You only have to take a look on his Facebook page to see the recognition, and thanks that these people have felt. So I proudly recommend Kris Hardy, for his generosity, his kind heart and caring nature for providing our frontline members with PPE equipment. He is no doubt a real life hero in my eyes. Served his country and now serving his city. We will continue to do the best we can to continue to provide PPE equipment. I think he deserves A Bradford Hero award.

Kirsty Louise Beck

I would like to nominate Kris Hardy at Nautical Vapes for providing well needed PPE for frontline key workers ie hospitals and care homes, home care staff and even done it out of his own pocket. What a guy. There is nobody more deserving.

Nicola Lightfoot

I would like to nominate Kris Hardy and his team @nauticalvapes. He and his team have and continue to deliver free PPE and sanitiser to NHS workers, carers and funeral directors all over Bradford, free of charge. I work at a GP practice and we have struggled to get masks and sanitiser. I rang Kris after seeing a post on Facebook and within an hour he delivered some to our practice. Has has done this for us on a few occasions and lots of others across Bradford. He is a little unsung community hero.

Lisa Hullah

I nominate Kris Hardy for fundraising and supplying key workers with PPE. He's been amazing

Laura Brayshaw

I nominate Kris Hardy for the heroes for all the help he’s done for so many key workers supplying PPE equipment. Amazing work Kris, keep it up.

Becky Ellis


I would like to nominate on behalf of Clayton Village community, Jenni Claire and Abbey Weaver. They own Origin Fine Foods coffee shop in Clayton, Bradford. Jenni and Abbey have turned their coffee shop into a place where the general public can buy essentials. They are delivering free of charge to the elderly, those shielding and anyone who asks. They are putting together hampers and also delivering fish and chips, from the village fisheries. They are selfless, nothing is an issue and they are keeping everyone going.

Charlotte Burns


Bonus Sewing on Dockfield Road, Shipley, has donated and bought her own material to make loads and loads of scrubs for For the Love of Scrubs, distributed to care homes, hospitals etc all over Yorkshire but especially BRI.

Karen Mayhew


The Bradford Council Re-enablement teams who have come into my home twice a day for six weeks since my discharge from hospital. They are all so kind and caring but never get a mention. Thank you so much girls.

Margaret Hepworth


I would say workers in all the food manufacturers that are working for Morrisons and the food packaging manufacturers at Sonoco, Bradford, where I work who are all working hard around the clock to keep the nation fed.

Jonathan Stringer


I'd like to nominate my mum Ruth Belcher who cleans Virgin Media offices on Cutler Heights so that engineers can safely carry out their jobs. Not only with just gloves and an apron is she exposing herself to Covid-19 but other germs as well on a daily basis. I wish to mention her as a cleaner as cleaners always get ignored and as well as working she has found the time to support my grandma who has dementia and also ring me and make sure I am OK as I have mental health problems and long term chronic illness. I am so proud of her.

Judith Herron


Can I thank Morrisons for their new telesales shopping service. We have elderly neighbours and a disabled grandson who are full of praise for the service. Because they don't have access to a computer and can just ring the phone number provided which I gave them, they have enjoyed ringing and placing their orders. It has also given them new-found independence. The staff are very helpful and polite. So a big thank you Morrisons for all you are doing.

Jan Merifield

  • If you would like to nominate an individual or group for our Bradford Heroes series, send an email to with their name, your name and why you are nominating them. Please attach a picture of them if you have one.