AN organisation set up to protect Yorkshire's gardens and parks has raised concerns over a plan to build houses next to a Bradford Park.

In March a planning application to build 11 large homes on the former site of the Joseph Nutter orphanage were submitted to Bradford Council by Opulent Land Developments.

The site is next to Horton Park, and the proximity to that public space has led to the Yorkshire Garden's Trust writing to the Council to raise their concerns about the plans.

The application said: "“It is desirable that the site is brought back into active and beneficial use to avoid it becoming untidy and uncared for, which could be detrimental to the setting of the park and, to a lesser extent, the conservation area."

'Executive type' homes planned for site of demolished Victorian orphanage

The orphanage was opened in the 1880s, and was built thanks to a donation by local philanthropist Joseph Nutter. It was more recently used as a College building, but has been empty since 2016.

But the site was recently sold, and last year Mohammed Farid submitted an application to demolish the large building, saying it was a health and safety hazard and that a new employment development would be built on the site.

Despite objections coming from as far as Boston, Massachusetts, London and Edinburgh, Bradford Council approved the demolition last Summer.

The Yorkshire Garden Trust, which has the Countess of Harewood as its president, wrote to the Council after the housing application was submitted. In their letter they say: "This application squeezes eleven dwellings into the site and very close to the park boundary. It appears to be over-development.

"We consider that the proposal, with dwellings so close to the boundary, will adversely effect the significance of the park."

They also raise concerns that trees will need to be felled for the development to happen, and that the large homes will lead to high numbers of cars parking just on the edge of the park's boundary.

A decision on the application is expected to be made next month.