THE police have urged people to only use the 999 number for essential calls, after someone called to ask for advice after they hadn’t got any hot water.

The West Yorkshire Police Contact Management Centre often tweet some of the more unusual phone calls they receive from the general public.

And this tweet was no exception after a 999 call to police saying they did not have any hot water and their heating wasn’t working.

The West Yorkshire phone line have also received the following time wasting call, which they tweeted last night:


These follow a number of different occasions earlier this year when people have wrongly used the service for more unusual calls.

One person called the service to ask for advice on toothache, another enquired about opening times for Asda during lockdown, while another wanted officers to help remove a snake from their home.

Someone used the service to complain about Royal Mail not delivering their parcel after they had initially given them the wrong postcode. An angry caller rang the emergency line to ask the service to ring their doctors as they were fed up of waiting 30 minutes to try to get through.

A caller also rang the number complaining they could not get chicken nuggets from a branch of McDonald’s.