BRADFORD MPs have thrown their weight behind the Telegraph & Argus' campaign to scrap this year's tuition fees for healthcare students on the frontline.

Here's what the local politicians had to say...

Judith Cummins (Labour, Bradford South)

"I am supporting the T&A's campaign to cancel the this year's tuition fees for the brave student nurses who have stepped up to volunteer on the frontline of the coronavirus crisis.

"These student nurses are risking their lives on behalf of all of us and I am very proud of them. The least we can do to thank them is to scrap their tuition fee's for this year. I will be raising this in Parliament and urging the Government to consider it."

Philip Davies (Conservative, Shipley)

“I have always opposed tuition fees and voted in Parliament against them being increased a number of years ago.

“Given the huge efforts these students have made above and beyond the call of duty in our NHS fighting the Coronavirus and looking after people - in many cases unpaid - it only seems fair that they should be thanked by removing this tuition fee burden from them.

“That is why I very happy to support this campaign and commend the T&A for highlighting it”

Naz Shah, MP for Bradford West and Labour’s shadow minister for community cohesion

“As a nation we should value the contributions made by these student nurses in our time of need. Therefore, the government must do more than clap for the sacrifices they have made, and scrap the fees for this heroic year.”

Imran Hussain MP for Bradford East and Labour's shadow minister of state for employment rights

“Over the last month, thousands of student nurses have signed up to volunteer to work in our hospitals to help ease the enormous burden that the Coronavirus crisis has placed on our NHS. They are bravely putting themselves in harm’s way, undertaking extraordinarily difficult work at the start of their careers to do so, and we should be proud of every single one of them.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

“The way they have stepped up to make this vital contribution is inspiring, yet we must remember the financial burden that each of our student nurses carries. After leaving university, they are saddled with thousands of pounds of debt from tuition loans that must be repaid, and which will be with them long after graduation and starting work.

“Every Thursday evening the whole country unites on our doorsteps to show our gratitude to all those in the healthcare profession, so this Thursday, let us go further. Let us show our appreciation and pride by wiping off the final year of debt from these brave student nurses, and then let us unite and end the national scandal of spiralling student debt altogether.”

If you agree it is unfair to ask student nurses to pay tuition fees while they care for sick and dying coronavirus victims in our hospitals please sign our petition here.