MANY couples who are spending lockdown together, have their relationships put to the test.

Especially if this is the first time living together.

In fact, a study by has revealed 41 per cent of women and 60 per cent of men are unhappy with their sex lives in quarantine.

This can push some into seeking excitement from someone else, or others into believing their partners are not attracted to them anymore, which can lead to trust issues.

With that in mind, the experts at were curious to find out which zodiac signs are most likely to mistrust their partners.

To find that out, they asked 2,112 people if they ever go through their partners’ phones and computers in order to find something incriminatory.

They were then separated into zodiac signs, in order to find out which signs mistrust their significant other the most.

Leos, Cancers and Pisces are the biggest spies

If your partner is a Leo, Cancer or a Pisces, then most likely they know everything going on inside your phone or computer.

In fact, 75 per cent of Leos have revealed they spy on their partners, while 71 per cent of Cancers and 69 per cent of Pisces said they have this habit as well.

Perhaps this comes as no surprise. Fire sign Leos are known for being dominant and they simply wouldn’t allow doubt to take room in the relationship. Instead, they will take seeking the truth into their own hands.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Pisces and Cancers are both water signs, known for their very emotional natures.

They are both very intuitive, so if their partners give them any reason to believe they are straying away, they will make sure to find out.

Sagittariuses, Virgos and Aquariuses are the least suspicious zodiac signs

If you are under any of these three zodiac signs, then you most likely don’t feel the need to check up on what your partner is doing.

In fact, only 19 per cent of Sagittariuses, 15 per cent of Virgos and 11 per cent of Aquariuses said they felt the need to look through their partners devices. wanted to delve a bit deeper into the spying habits of partners, so they asked the respondents a few more questions.

The full survey results reveal:

How often do you spy on your partner?

Every day – 33 per cent; every other day – 39 per cent; rarely – 21 per cent; never – seven per cent.

Have you ever found something incriminating while snooping through devices?

Yes – 59 per cent; No – 41 per cent What have you found which bothered you?

Speaking to someone of the opposite sex – 59 per cent

Liking someone else’s pictures on social media – 62 per cent

Sending/receiving risqué pictures to/from someone of the opposite sex – 34 per cent

Looking at porn – 44 per cent

Speaking badly about partner to friend/family – 17 per cent