AS the lockdown continues, the online world has seen some huge surges.

Searches for “how to” topics have doubled compared to this time last year.

Using Google search data, Studee reveals the top 10 things Brits have been learning how to do since March 23.

1.How to draw

Budding artists have turned to their sketch pads, with 50 per cent more people googling “how to draw” than this time last year.

2.How to make bread

The lucky ones who managed to get hold of flour and yeast have been filling their homes with the delicious smell of bread with 80 per cent more searches for how to make it in the past six weeks.

3.How to cut hair

There have been 90 per cent more searches on how to cut hair as the nation attempts to get their barnets under control.

4.How to lose weight

There are peaks and troughs around this search term, but there’s been a bigger spike than usual in the past six weeks as people have turned to food for comfort.

5.How to screenshot

Working from home has meant workers are having to be their own IT support, learning how to share information via google.

6.How to make a face mask

With a shortage of PPE, it’s not surprising people are dusting off the sewing machine to make their own face masks. Compared to this time last year, googling how to make a face mask has risen by nearly 100 per cent.

7.How to get Disney Plus

Disney must be feeling very smug about the coincidental date of their launch. The first week of lockdown saw a 100 per cent rise in searches for Disney Plus which has become a lifesaver for parents who are working from home.

8.How to delete houseparty account

Group video chat app, Houseparty saw an enormous surge in downloads when the lockdown was first announced. But rumours about how safe the app is caused a 100 per cent rise in people googling “how to delete houseparty account”.

9.How to make scones

More people than ever have learned how to make these traditionally British baked goods.

10.How to cut your own hair

With hairdressers forced to close up and down the country, the people of the UK are attempting DIY hair cuts - with the results very much a mixed bag.