SHOCKING footage on tonight's episode of Police Interceptors showed the dramatic moment a 12-year-old boy crashed his mum's car on a major Bradford road. 

The Channel 5 programme follows West Yorkshire Police officers, often in Bradford, as they fight crime across the district. 

Tonight's show followed officers as they tried to track down a car being driven erratically around Bradford. 

Footage showed the car flying across one roundabout - and nearly losing it on another - in the West Bowling area before flying through a red light on Manchester Road at its junction with Mill Lane.

The car barrelled across the road towards blocks of flats on the opposite side - taking a chunk out of one tree and crunching into a second - writing it off.

And officers made a startling discovery - the driver and his female passenger were just 12-years-old. 

She also admitted to driving the car earlier in the evening.

The programme revealed both were convicted of aggravated vehicle taking and driving without a licence or insurance.

They were ordered to work with youth offending teams and received a 12-month driving ban. 

One officer at the scene described them as being "very lucky" as they walked away unharmed.

"A bit further to the right on that tree and it might have been a bit of a different story," he said.

The Bradford 4 Better campaign group, which is working to make a difference across the district, raised concern at what was shown.
Yasar Mohammed, from the group, said: “Road safety is a key concern we have been campaigning to improve in the district.

"It is extremely worrying to see that children have been driving cars and so glad no one was seriously injured.

“We had seen more messages about children on motorcycles and quadbikes, which was worrying enough.”

MP Judith Cummins, who often raises the issue of dangerous driving in the House of Commons, added: “This is a shocking example of the dangerous driving that blights our roads, particularly given the young age of the driver. It is extremely fortunate that nobody was killed or seriously injured.”

She added: “I have long campaigned for better road safety in Bradford including tougher punishments for those who break the law, regardless of age, with more resources for our police, and greater awareness of the immeasurable suffering caused by dangerous driving. 

“I will continue to push the Government to take action.”