TWINS from Huddersfield had their "takeaway ruined" by police after driving all the way to Rochdale for a kebab during lockdown.

Greater Manchester Police's Rochdale team stopped a Volkswagen Golf yesterday.

Officers discovered two twins inside the vehicle, who had driven from Huddersfield to Rochdale town centre (just under 20 miles) for a kebab.

This was despite the fact the UK is currently in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, with the guidelines stipulating you should only make essential journeys.

The driver was also found to have no insurance and the car had serious defects.

This included a bald tyre.

The Golf was seized as a result and the driver was dealt with for various offences.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesperson said: "Twins from Huddersfield decided it would be a good idea to visit Rochdale for a kebab.

"Vehicle stopped by the town centre Milkstone and Deeplish team.

"Driver found to have no insurance and serious vehicle defects.

"Driver dealt with for various offences. Vehicle lifted. Takeaway ruined."