THE proposed National Rugby League Museum will no longer be built in Bradford's City Hall.

The grandson of Bradford Northern legend Trevor Foster has written in to give his views on the disappointing decision.

Here is his letter to the T&A:

This is not the time to complain or moan about things. However, the recent announcement by Rugby League Cares to scuttle the planned creation of a National RL Museum at the historic Bradford City Hall deserves a mention.

Bradford, after all, has been a huge part of rugby league history. Since 2016, when the project was launched, expectations have been high that Bradford, chosen as the most creative applicant in the tender process, could look forward to a unique visitor attraction.

For the people of Bradford and the wider rugby league community, this project would surely have created a welcome boost to the local economy and provided enjoyment for supporters and the wider public.

Its potential value as an educational resource for schools, colleges and universities is important too.

For whatever reason, Bradford Council, RL Cares and, I assume, several other partners have not been able to seal the deal.

I wonder what has occurred to change things so dramatically after four years of negotiations and funding bids?

I do appreciate lottery bids are competitive these days, but it was only last August the Council stated they were totally committed and enthusiastic to make this work.

I can only assume that the economic downturn caused partly by the current global crisis has been a major issue.

The demands upon local councils, with such finite resources, to deliver on their main priorities obviously takes precedence.

Also, has the fact that the Bradford Bulls are now sadly out of town for an indefinite period been a deal breaker? We will probably never know.

In my opinion, a great opportunity for Bradford has been lost.

Let us hope that a new venue can be found in the not too distant future, so that we may pay due respect to our forebears, whose achievements and sacrifices should never be forgotten.

The extraordinary stories of players and events and the huge collection of artefacts must become accessible to everyone, to be celebrated in the unique tapestry that is our rugby league history and heritage.

In the meantime, stay safe and let us all look forward to some live sport once again going forward.

Thank you,

Simon Foster, Beverley (proud ex-Bradford lad, born and bred).

* In a statement on their website, RL Cares said: “Since we entered into the partnership with Bradford City Council in 2016, we have all invested considerable resource, time and energy into the project but, sadly, the museum remains some way off.

“We recognise that much has changed since 2016 and that we need to look again at where is the best location for the National Rugby League Museum.”