A BRADFORD councillor has shared her journey to recovery after she was left bedbound by coronavirus-like symptoms for almost a month.

Councillor Fozia Shaheen (Labour, Toller), who was not able to be tested for the virus, found herself with a rising temperature and fatigue around the time lockdown was announced.

Cllr Shaheen, who works with people with learning disabilities at the Khidmat Centre, was advised to self isolate by 111 and her manager.

In the days that followed, the councillor became so ill she struggled to even open her eyes or eat food.

Cllr Shaheen told the Telegraph & Argus: "I was speaking to one of my colleagues on the phone and I had a slight cough and I would stop and cough away.

"Over a week I was very ill. I was feeling hot, my body is like somebody’s hit me with a hammer. All my bones were hurting me. I would just sleep and sleep. I was saying to my family I need to be in a separate room.

"I stopped looking at the news as I couldn’t open my eyes. It was about making sure I got that rest.

"Even lying down was difficult for me.

"It’s not something you just take as 'I’ve got a bit of a cold'.

"You can’t smell food.

"It was like ‘Do I want to believe it could happen to me?’.

"It’s upsetting, I wanted to be part of distributing food and making sure everyone’s safe.

"I wasn’t tested but I had the symptoms and this is why I’m sharing what I’m sharing."

As the country enters its fourth week of lockdown, the councillor has urged people to stick to the rules, warning this virus is "no joke".

Miss Shaheen has advised anyone with symptoms to ring 111 or visit the Government website for more information.

And equally she is calling on anyone with non-coronavirus related health problems who need to access hospital services to reach out for help.

She said: "This isn’t a joke. This is something that is a deadly virus.

"When you’re really ill or have any form of symptoms the last thing you want to do is pass them onto anyone. I really urge people, even though the lockdown has been extended to three weeks, there’s two more weeks left, stay home if you don’t need to go out. I know it’s not easy but don’t risk your life, don’t risk anyone else’s life.

"We’re in a situation where if you’re not in it together it’s never going to end.

"We need to save lives. We need to stay home. That is for your own safety.

"My thoughts and prayers are with the people that have sadly lost people as a result of this virus. It’s really sad."

Despite it all, the councillor feels there is a silver lining to the crisis: the show of community spirit in Bradford.

Girlington Community Centre has been at the heart of operations to deliver food parcels to vulnerable families across the district.

She said: "As a local ward councillor I just think for me it’s amazing to see the local community come together to make sure we could serve the community that’s in real need. Girlington Community Centre is making hot meals everyday.

"It shows Bradford is a family and I’m proud to be a born and bred Bradfordian. We’re the first to rally around and it makes me proud of being in this city."