I’M totally rooting for Bradford's Emon Choudhury and his nephew Jamiul as they reach the last leg of BBC2’s Race Across the World.

It’s been a compelling series, following four pairs travelling across South America with just a map, a limited budget and no phone.

Usually in this kind of show there’s at least one contestant who’s so irritating you want them to fail, but everyone in this series is likeable. Emon and his nephew Jamiul (pictured) have handled it particularly well; making the most of their extraordinary trip with a great spirit of adventure, respect for their surroundings and great compassion along the way.

Scenes of them coming across across a group of children sleeping rough beside a food market were particularly poignant, .

Will they win? I hope so. Watch tomorrow (Sunday April 27) BBC2, 8pm and find out. Way to go, boys!