A YOUNG teacher from Bradford is continuing to make learning exciting and accessible by delivering fun classes from his home on a popular online video-sharing website.

Aadam Ahmed, 23, is a reception class teacher and special educational needs and disabilities coordinator (SENDCo) at Warwick Primary School, in Batley.

He has created an engaging set of maths and phonics lessons on YouTube.

As well as getting his eager students to practise their sounds and learn about numbers, Mr Ahmed has been reading stories to the children from his home every day.

He said: "I am so inspired by the parents and children at Warwick Road Primary School, which is why I wanted to continue to give back to the community and support the wonderful parents and children I teach each day."

Even though he is not physically at the school, Mr Ahmed is enjoying seeing children benefit from his lessons.

He said: "The feedback I have got has been brilliant.

"Parents are constantly messaging me, saying their children are looking forward to videos every day.

"It’s been really positive to see them continuing learning without me being there.

"A lot of parents didn’t know what we did in class but it’s given them a tutorial on what we can do for them in the future.

"It’s inspired other teachers at the school to have a go at doing online teaching sessions as well."

Teachers across the country are having to adapt to these unprecedented times, but Mr Ahmed is no stranger to a challenge.

He began his career in education as a teaching assistant, before qualifying as a teacher through a foundation, and then a BA Honours degree, from Bradford College.

The 23-year-old already has a lot of experience of working with young people with a very diverse range of backgrounds and needs.

His interest in teaching began when he was very young and he was inspired by his auntie who was a headteacher.

He said: "I can often remember sitting in class in Year Three, as I was being taught by my teacher at primary school, thinking ‘I would do it like this.'"

Having come from a disadvantaged background himself, the idea of working with children from similar circumstances was an important one to him.

Mr Ahmed said: "I have always thought 'how can I support this child?'

"I always empathise with them even now, understanding what they may be going through.

"I knew there were some teachers who went the extra mile for me and that always mattered to me, so I wanted to help them."

The 23-year-old took on a placement at Wibsey Primary School while studying at Bradford College in 2014 and was recommended for an interview to become a teaching assistant.

At the same time, he embarked on a foundation degree in Supporting and Managing Learning in Education in September that year, which enabled him to carry on working as a teaching assistant as he studied.

This was his stepping stone onto the BA Teaching and Learning in the Primary Phase degree in September 2016, leading him to fully qualify as a teacher in 2018.

He said: "Without a doubt, this was the best pathway into teaching that anyone could go through.

"Actually having experience of being a teaching assistant gave me a true reflection of what it’s about, and having real responsibilities.

"It gave me insight into the day to day work in teaching and threw me in at the deep end."

You can see a selection of Mr Ahmed’s lessons on the Warwick Road YouTube channel.

Here are the links to Mr Ahmed's most recent videos: