KEIGHLEY Cougars are doing their bit to help out during the coronavirus pandemic, and have sourced 5,000 CE certified face masks, with more now in production.

Cougars are providing these 5,000 masks to organisations who are in need of vital PPE equipment and are donating them completely free of charge.

The ongoing battle against COVID-19 has left the NHS and other vital services on the frontline needing a significantly increased amount of PPE equipment to assist and keep staff safe from the virus.

The Cougars, as a club, have donated the first batch of the face masks to staff at both Airedale Hospital and the Sue Ryder Manorlands hospice, in order to keep local frontline workers safe as they continue their important work in these unprecedented times.

Cougars confirmed that the donations have been accepted and that Airedale Hospital has taken 2,000 masks, with Manorlands taking a further 1,000.

This means the club still has 2,000 face masks available for free to donate to the wider and local community.

These may be for frontline providers, such as care homes, or those who are living with and caring for those at high risk, to enable them to make trips to the supermarkets, and/or take up their daily exercise.

The face masks come in packs of 50, but Cougars can accommodate packs of a smaller size should a fewer number be required.

Should a provider require any face masks, then please contact the club immediately at