BRADFORD South MP Judith Cummins has joined with 58 other MPs to call on the Government to urgently rectify the lack of PPE for care workers.

In a letter to Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, the MPs write: “Care workers across the country are putting their lives at risk every day to ensure the most vulnerable in our society are receiving the care that they need. From conversations we have had with local authorities, care homes and care workers themselves, care workers are often not being provided with or have access to the correct PPE that they need to do their job safely.”

They note that without a proper supply of PPE, residents and care givers are at significant risk of infection.

They therefore call on the Secretary of State to:

• “Contact every local authority & ask about the current stock levels of PPE and provide provision where needed.

• Ensure that all care workers have access to the correct level of PPE that they need to do their job safely without putting themselves or residents at risk.

• For the Government to change its official guidance from care workers only needing to wear PPE when there are cases in a care home to all care workers wearing PPE when at work even if there isn’t any confirmed cases in their place of work.”

Judith Cummins MP said: “The shortages in PPE for care workers is putting them, and those they are looking after, at unacceptable risk. The Government must sort this out quickly.

"Our care workers who are doing vital work in this crisis deserve better.”