THE UK lockdown has been extended to at least the end of next week as the Secretary of State urged people not to "ruin it now" over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. 

Dominic Raab was leading the Government's daily coronavirus briefing today once again, in place of Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

The PM is still in intensive care at hospital, but is in high spirits, according to Mr Raab.

Today's main focus point was the UK lockdown, with the "three week review date" looming.

Mr Johnson first announced the lockdown on the evening of Monday, March 23, and said the decision would be reviewed three weeks later (Monday, April 13).

The data shows social distancing and the lockdown measures have had the impact "we need to see", according to Mr Raab.

But, he said it is too early to say that conclusively and as such the Government won't be able to say more on this until the end of next week.

The measures will have to stay in place until the Government have the evidence to show we are past the peak - and we're not there yet.

Mr Raab said: "Thank you for your sacrifice, but we're not done yet, we must keep going."

There has been much concern that the rules may be flouted over the extended weekend, as they already have been by a small minority in the past few weeks.

Mr Raab says he symphasises with those who can't see family and friends at this time, adding that his family usually do an Easter egg hunt with their two children and their grandparents.

But, the Secretary of State has urged people to keep the effort and sacrifices going.

He said: "Let's not ruin it now, let's not undo the gains we've made, let's not waste the sacrifices people have made.

"We mustn't give the coronavirus a second chance to hurt more people."