STALWART fundraiser Nazim Ali, who has raised many tens of thousands of pounds for charity over the past two decades has extended his 'giving and sharing' attitude once again to Airedale Hospital children's ward 17.

Mr Ali, from Manningham, delivered more than 40 gifts to the hospital on Thursday afternoon to be shared among sick children there as part of the Creating Smiles Gifts initiative he started.

He said: "We are living in unprecedented times with Covid-19 and we are determined to carry this initiative on to spread goodness and positivity. It will be a stressful time for parents to have children in hospital and then also be worried about getting the disease or family members getting it and having to self-isolate.

"The essence of the Islamic month of Shab'aan and the holy period of Easter share the universal concept of kindness and compassion to all particularly those in need. It is these values that bring all people together regardless of belief and we hope we have achieved this at some level.. We realise this is a period of reflection for Muslims as is Easter for Christians. However, it is also a period where we should reflect and support the most vulnerable in society.

"We dropped off almost 40 Gifts (for poorly children ranging from 0 - 16 years) at the children's ward 17. The diverse range of gifts included cuddly toys, children's DVDs, play sets, babies toys and so forth with a mixture for boys and girls.

"It was a gesture of kindness and to show that members of the wider community do care and think about them (poorly children) and ultimately uplift their spirits. The gifts are for all children in the ward irrespective of faith.

"I am grateful to my esteemed friend Haji Na'eem Akhtar for assisting me in the selection of the multi-age range toys and my gratitude to Shiraz Ahmed and Fairaz Ahmed, managing directors of Bradford-based Saveco Cash & Carry, for their kind and selfless on-going support.

"As a child I spent a significant period in hospital due to my struggle with TB and can empathise with what the children are going through. To date well over a thousand gifts have been distributed from my 20 visits to children's wards - which also includes Christmas Gifts for the last four years."

Shiraz Ahmed added: "We are truly humbled to once more support the fabulous Toy Gifts Initiative started by Nazim who does so much to help others. We are pleased to support Airedale Hospital. It is all part of our corporate social responsibility as a Bradford-based business to give back to society and is something Fairaz and I passionately believe in. This is a difficult period (Covid-19) and we will get through it by praying for one another and supporting one another."

The gifts were handed to Katrina Embleton, play specialist on the children's ward 17, outside the hospital due to visiting restrictions at the moment.