MANY people have been left outraged during the UK's lockdown period as large amounts of the public have blatantly ignored the Government's orders.

Just over two weeks ago, on Monday, March 23, Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, ordered people to stay indoors in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The only exceptions were for daily exercise, getting essentials from the shop, helping others, or heading to your job as a key worker.

Despite police gaining powers to enforce this, people have flaunted the rules still, with many out sunbathing in public spots over the weekend.

In one area though, any rulebreakers were warned off by a menacing foe from a different dimension.

A video posted on social website, Facebook, shows a Dalek - the long-standing archenemy in the sci-fi series Doctor Who - roaming the streets.

It can be heard warning "all humans" to stay indoors.

The Dalek comes into shot as it wheels past a roundabout and heads up a residential street, on the road. 

It repeats: "All humans must keep indoors, all humans will self-isolate, by order of the Daleks."

The video was uploaded by Louise Parker last week, on Friday, April 3.

She said: "This what happens when you don’t listen to government advice."

There is no indication as to where it was filmed, but Mrs Parker's profile shows she studied at a school in the Middlesbrough area.

At the time of writing, the video had more than two-and-a-half million views, with 131,000 shares, 27,000 reactions and 18,000 likes.

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