A BRADFORD street has gone viral on social media with its 'doorstep dance party' to keep spirits high.

Residents on Moser Avenue in the Swain House area danced under safe 'social distancing' standards to the tune of Queen's 'I Want To Break Free'.

People brought their vacuum cleaners to the front drive and recreated Freddie Mercury's famous vacuuming scene in the music video.

Seen by more than 17,000 people, Danielle Blackmore hopes it will inspire more streets to share happy moments in the middle of a pandemic.

Danielle, who has lived on the street for 21 years, told the Telegraph & Argus: "We love how this has gone we didn’t even expect it, we literally just wanted a little community spirit lifted.

"All of us on the street have a group chat. We all gave ideas of what song to use and then when we decided we obviously got the idea of the prop.

"As we are all so close on our street and everyone knows everyone it was easy enough to plan and get together whilst keeping to the government guidelines yet still have a laugh.

"We understand obviously people are nervous regarding the government guidelines at the moment but we made sure the two metres was stood by and the ones close are of the same household."

Danielle added: "We want people to not feel alone and although times are hard you can rely on your neighbours and friends like we do."

And it boosted morale so much that the next 'doorstep dance party' is taking place this weekend.

Mum-of-seven Ashlee Holt says it brought a smile to everyone's faces including the children who were starting to feel down.

At the last social distancing party, she dressed up as spiderman for the occasion and is waiting for her next outfit to arrive in the post.

Ashlee said: "It was a fun idea just to put some smiles on some faces and wish each other well.

"The kids loved it, the adults loved it and they will all have that memory to tell their grandkids.

"They're all really excited."

Even though the T&A asked for this weekend's theme, Danielle said it will remain top secret until 3pm this Sunday. The broadcast will be live from Danielle's Facebook account under 'Danni Bee'.

"They would like to not mention it as someone might try it before we do, people have actually spent money on outfits," Danielle said.

"We would love to see others doing the same!"

If your street gets involved please email newsdesk@telegraphandargus.co.uk