THE cabinet's office minister Michael Gove is self-isolating after a member of his family developed coronavirus symptoms.

Mr Gove held a series of interviews with main broadcast channels via video call this morning.

The minister, who also holds a role as chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster will be isolating at home but continuing to work as normal.

In one interview with LBC radio, Mr Gove revealed Boris Johnson had not been given a ventilator after the PM entered intensive care last night.

"He is kept, of course, under close supervision, " Mr Gove told LBC radio.

"By being in intensive care, if there is further support he needs, it is there at hand.

"But the Prime Minister has not been on a ventilator."

The news comes as a number of government officials began to show symptoms of the virus with chief medical officer Chris Witty only returning to work on Monday.

Health secretary Matt Hancock had also tested positive and returned to work after self-isolating for five days and has led several press update briefings.

The PM's top political adviser Dominic Cummings also showed symptoms of Covid-19 and decided to self-isolate, Downing Street confirmed on March 30.