The Dog & Gun, at Malsis, near Keighley, has pledged to donate 200 restaurant meals each week to Airedale Hospital which are being distributed among night staff.

Anita and Ross Walker said they were delighted to be able to send the first delivery of meals, including chillis and curries, ready to warm up and feed staff.

Mrs Walker said: “During this awful time that we are all going through, we wanted to give something back to our brilliant NHS heroes.

“So with the help of our friends and colleagues we are delighted to have arranged with Airedale Hospital to provide 200 restaurant meals free every week for as long as we are able.

“We understand this will feed the entire night shift when there is no canteen available, and which they can heat up and enjoy whenever time allows them .

“Because we operate such a big menu we were already equipped to supply individual meals, and have been offering hot takeaways and/or ready meals to our customers who are self isolating or who cannot get out.

“This has proved very popular and it gives people restaurant quality meals for their convenience.

“A major benefit to us as employers is that it has enabled us to keep some of our staff in full employment as well as helping the community.

“We would like to say a major thank you to Jason - owner of Ellesmere Press in Skipton who has donated the labels for us and to everyone that is helping us do this.

“We have also linked with long time supplier Wellocks who offer fruit, veg and grocery packs which can be collected from us rather than going into stores.