THE ONLY two children at Kildwick Primary School have paid a crafty tribute to their parents who work as nurses at Airedale Hospital.

Willow and Noah Haston are attending the village school while their parents are working at the Steeton hospital during the coronavirus lockdown.

The pair made a banner to go outside the school displaying the message "Stay home, stay safe, NHS".

Willow and Noah said they felt odd being in school without anybody else, but they were having lots of fun.

They added: "We’re proud of our parents because they’ve helped a lot of people. If they didn’t pick that job people would have struggled. They do a great job." 

Also showing support for a parent in the front line were Emie and Melie, whose mother Eiran Beveridge is a team leader for Bradford Council and works alongside the NHS running 20 their escalation beds.

During Eiran's day off the siblings decided to show the NHS "a little bit of love" by creating a multi-coloured mosaic on their driveway expressing support for key workers.

Meanwhile, a large banner has appeared at the entrance to Airedale Hospital, stating "thank you to all our amazing NHS staff and all key workers".