A WELL-KNOWN Bradford GP appeared on BBC News this morning, to answer questions on COVID-19.

NHS GP Dr. Amir Khan - star of Channel 5's GPs: Behind Closed Doors - spoke alongside Dr. Linda Bould, Professor of Public Health at the University of Edinburgh, answering the public's pressing questions on the virus.

Dr. Khan, of Ridge Medical Practice in Great Horton, was featured heavily in the sixth series of the Channel 5 documentary, where his practice took centre stage - providing the public with a fly-on-the-wall insight into life working for the NHS.

Speaking on BBC News today, Dr. Khan said that, "We're testing patients with symptoms, at the moment, and an increasing number of NHS staff with symptoms" when a member of the public posed a question on coronavirus testing.

When asked how many coronavirus tests will be carried out to determine whether someone has the virus, and how many will be carried out to determine if someone is immune to it, Dr. Khan said, "They haven't clarified that, so we don't know the answer to that question, but I think both of those are really, really important.

"Because we do need to know, particularly for NHS staff, if whatever illness they have is coronavirus or another type of viral infection that is still doing the rounds - in which case, they can come back to work and relieve the pressure of the staff there.

"I think the antibody test is really, really important, because what it will mean, hopefully, when we know for sure that it does confer immunity, is that these NHS frontline staff are at less risk of getting the infection and the complications, so both are equally important.

"We don't know the numbers exactly, but it is vital that we roll them out.

"It's really important they are reliable tests, as well", Dr. Khan added.

Since appearing on the Channel 5 series, in which he first featured in August 2018, Dr. Khan has amassed a large following on Twitter and Instagram.

He attended Bradford Grammar School and studied medicine at the University of Liverpool, while he is also an honorary senior lecturer at Leeds School of Medicine and an honorary senior lecturer in primary care at the University of Bradford