A HIGH-speed challenge proved a real gas for Parkside School students.

Three teams from the Cullingworth school travel to the Nissan Centre in Sunderland for the F1 in Schools Challenge.

In a contest held before the coronavirus shut down, the students made and designed a Formula 1 style car with compressed gas cylinders to be raised over a distance of 20 metres.

Parkside science teacher Ian Lewis said: “Along with this, the students had to prepare detailed portfolios to do with manufacture, fundraising and each team's individual branding.

"On the day, along with the racing, each team had interviews to discuss their processes, had their cars scrutinised for any infringements, then had detailed interviews with engineers to explain what they had done for each particular category.

"The day was successful. Our teams finished 11th, 14th and 16th. Roll on next year where they will be in the professional category.”

The students were: Oliver Rhodes, Albert Lawler, Tomas Windle, Kirsten Kitson, Poppy Webster, Emily Wood, Lucy Stephenson, Ewan Miller, Jack Azemar-Battle, Archie Wilde, Luis Downey, Thomas Davies and Callum Huntlley.