BRADFORD officers have outlined a friendly but firm approach to enforcing lockdown in the coming weeks and urged parents not to tell children "we will take them away for going into parks".

West Yorkshire Police's Bradford West Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) were out in the community last Thursday to encourage people to stick to social distancing and isolation.

While doing so, police chased a car which failed to stop.

It sparked humourous comments from onlookers who "suspected" the driver had broken Government lockdown guidelines and been out for his second spell of exercise for the day.

In fact, officers in Fairweather Green had spotted the man driving while talking on his mobile phone.

They tried to pull him over so they could speak to him, but he failed to stop.

The driver then drove dangerously past Bradford Royal Infirmary (BRI), before abandoning the vehicle at Whitby Road.

He was arrested and is set to be charged with several offences.

In the aftermath, and given the reaction by the general public, the Bradford West NPT came out to clarify how they will be enforcing the lockdown now powers have been granted, but also to warn people against acting like this in the future.

A Bradford West NPT spokesperson said: "Don’t be like this person, putting lives at risk in more ways than one - stay at home, support the NHS, save lives.

"Locals took great delight in suspecting the male had been pursued and arrested for a second exercise of the day against government wishes - sadly, whilst lighthearted,  this is not the case."

The spokesperson added that people will be stopped, challenged and directed by local officers in the coming weeks and urged the public to not "personalise" so that everybody can be kept safe.

They said: "Take the opportunity to say hello and return to your homes, commute to work, do essential exercise and complete essential shopping.

"Children and teenagers alone will be asked why they are not with parents.

"Finally, please encourage your younger children to wave, not tell them we will take them away for going into parks and leaving the family garden.

"We are all in this together and will get through it as a community."

Later that day, police removed a man from the area who said he was on his "daily walk".

It actually turned out he had traveled from Burnley to buy a car.

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