POLICE removed a man on his "daily walk" and instructed him to "leave town" after it turned out he had come to Bradford from Burnley to buy a car.

Officers from West Yorkshire Police's Bradford West have been out on the beat on a daily basis to advise and encourage social distancing and isolation.

During this evening, a male on his "daily walk" came to the attention of police.

He had stopped and was filming officers trying to "parent and disperse" teenagers.

A spokesperson for the Bradford West team said: "He felt that filming the police whilst we are trying to parent and disperse teenagers was essential."

Officers tried to move him on, but he refused.

It was discovered that the man was not a key worker and his home address was in Burnley.

He told officers he had come to Bradford to "buy a car".

The Bradford West spokesperson said: "Please don’t put your police in a position where we have to use new powers.

"We require full cooperation of everybody.

"Male removed from area, instructed to leave town and we will be in further touch with him.

"Please keep your teenagers in the house for the sake of your family's health."