A BRADFORD carer has urged people to think about the work they are doing during the coronavirus crisis.

Speaking out, she said she felt carers had been “forgotten about” - even though they are helping elderly and vulnerable people from morning until night.

“We just feel like we’ve not got a voice, we’ve not been heard or thought about,” she told the Telegraph & Argus.

She said they were struggling with PPE, being expected to use one mask for the week and wash it out, and also finding the basics for clients in the face of depleted supermarket shelves.

“I adore the NHS, I know how much effort they are putting in. I just feel as if it’s all about that.

"We are in contact with other members of the team by telephone and asking how they are coping.

"They are struggling, they’ve got families they can’t go see, it’s upsetting.

"You can’t put your arms around your own parents, grandparents, but everyday you’re looking after other people.

"We love our job and the clients and the families, we also love our own, it’s just a difficult time at the minute.”

Her colleague added: “We’re putting out lives at risk every day and yet we’re on £8.50 an hour.”

Despite the difficulties, they praised the actions of Shirley Manor school in Wyke, which has supplied them with pack-ups to keep them going.