THE son of a 98-year-old Bradford man is pleading for people to stop defying lockdown rules to help keep people like his vulnerable dad free from coronavirus.

Prakash Patel, 40, has spoken out after a number of instances locally of residents ignoring rules on social distancing, brought in to tackle the spread of the virus.

Earlier this week, the Government announced stringent measures in a Stay At Home call, with gatherings of more than two people also banned.

Mr Patel, who lives with and cares for his elderly father, Devchand Patel, in Lidget Green, has been left horrified at the continued flouting of these rules designed to save lives.

He described how his father, who is particularly vulnerable due to the fact that he suffers from lung disease COPD and asthma, had been advised to avoid all face-to-face contact for 12 weeks in order to shield himself from the virus.

Mr Patel told the Telegraph & Argus that since they were given the advice to take extra precautions last week, the pair have effectively been on lock down and haven’t left the house at all.

“We’ve told family to stay away as well and haven’t even been to the shops. If we need anything, we ask family to get it for us and drop it off on the doorstep.

“We’ve been video calling family instead - hopefully they understand. But this is very serious and my dad is particularly vulnerable.

“I would advise people to respect what the Prime Minister has said and stay inside. It’s not just for people like my dad, it’s for everyone’s sake.

“We need to pull together at a difficult time like this.

“But some people don’t seem to be grasping the seriousness of the situation. I’ve heard of people going out to the park in groups or having barbecues, continuing as if nothing is happening.

“What they are doing is simply being selfish. These youths at Lister Park the other day, they could be taking the virus home to the people they live with.

“They just need to stay inside.

“I know the measures the Prime Minister has announced have been coming in stage by stage, but maybe we just need to go to a total lockdown, so people can understand how serious this is.

“People are dying, and the most vulnerable, like my dad, need shielding.”

In recent days a group of youths were photographed by the T&A playing on the swings at Lister Park, Manningham.

In addition a separate group came in for critcism after meeting up round a camp fire and enjoying a barbecue. The youths fled when police arrived on the scene in Hipperholme, near Brighouse.

It follows an earlier incident in which motorcyclists pulled wheelies down Wakefield Road, Bradford.