MORE than 21,000 jobs for essential workers have been listed online over the past three days, according to new research. 

Reboot Digital PR Agency looked through the GOV website for all UK essential workers listed and looked for as many jobs listed on Indeed to provide the following analysis.

Key findings include:

• There have been a total of 21,642 new jobs listed over the last three days on Indeed for essential job sectors

• Health and social care unsurprisingly makes up a 39 per cent of new jobs listed for new recruits since the lockdown news was announced

• Education and childcare followed with 4,224 new jobs, including teacher and nursery assistant, making up 20 per cent of the total

• Key public workers of all kinds saw 2,563 new jobs published on Indeed, the third highest essential worker category (12%)

Essential job sector, New listings from the past three days, % of total jobs per job sector: 

Health and social care: 8,436, 39%

Education and childcare: 4,224, 20%

Key public workers: 2,563, 12%

Utility workers: 2,362, 11%

Transport: 1,901, 9%

Food and other necessary goods: 1,864, 9%

Public safety and national security: 292, 1%

Grand Total: 21,642, 100%