THE T&A is launching its very own club and we want YOU to get involved.

These are unprecedented times, with a lot of uncertainty in the air.

Schools have been closed for the majority of people, with many parents, carers and guardians also having to work from home.

What should I be teaching my children? How do I keep them entertained during down-time?

We want to provide you with a consistent, reliable, place for you to go and access tips, tricks and resources that will help with your home study, as well as getting through this period of lockdown and social distancing generally.

Don’t worry, it’s not all work, work, work – there’s fun and games to be had too.

It’s something we’re going to develop over the coming weeks, and we need YOU to help us out – teachers, fitness instructors, parents, kids, whoever you may be.

We want your content, from top-tips for staying focused during home-study, to a fun workout regime for youngsters – send your stuff in and you could make the paper and online, while helping others to succeed at home.

There will be a "feature" page in the paper every Tuesday, showcasing helpful content, with regular updates online every day.

If you have something you’d like us to feature, send it to: