BRADFORD motorists are second worst in the country when it comes to points on their licence, a new study has revealed.

The latest data from the Department for Transport has revealed the locations in the UK where drivers are most likely to have committed a motoring offence.

Four of the top five locations are in West Yorkshire, with 14.7 per cent of drivers across Bradford having racked up points on their licence.

Neighbouring Halifax is the worst location in the country, with 15.7 per cent of drivers with points. Huddersfield was third with 14.1 per cent, East London at fourth with 12.8 per cent and Wakefield fifth highest with 12.1 per cent.

In Bradford, the data showed that there were 241,419 registered vehicles, with 35,403 Bradford drivers with points on the licence.

The research, conducted by ChooseMyCar, was based on data from the Department for Transport, and has showcased those areas where the highest percentage of motorists have committed an offence.

In contrast Swindon drivers are least likely to have points on their licence with 4.5 per cent of drivers.

The research also showed that men are twice as likely to have points on their licence than women, with 8.6 per cent of men with full driving licences having points, compared to just 4.2 per cent of women.

In total, the UK’s drivers have racked up 10.6 million points between them. Of the 41 million drivers in the UK, 2.7 million have at least one point on their licence.

The individual with the highest number of points on their licence is a 48-year-old man who has a whopping 66 points.

There are currently three individuals aged 101 who have three points each on their driving licences.

It follows research unveiled last month which highlighted Bradford as being the third highest hotspot for car crime in the country .

The latest police data revealed that Bradford might be one of the most dangerous places for motorists to leave their car, with some of the highest amount thefts in relation to the number of registered vehicles.

A total of 6,487 car crimes took place in 12 months in Bradford. Of these total vehicle crimes, 1,293 were car thefts.

These findings also came from a study by ChooseMyCar. They revealed the highest and lowest car crime areas, by combining crimes against number of registered vehicles in each area for a representative car crime score.

Bradford is third highest in the UK, with 27.59 car crimes per 1,000 vehicles in the city. There are 235,100 registered vehicles, and 3,996 theft from a vehicle, 1,293 theft or unauthorised taking of a motor vehicle, 1,198 theft from a motor vehicle for 6,487 total vehicle crime in the city.

Manchester has the highest rate of car crimes with an average of 50.66 per 1,000 vehicles, while Luton has the lowest at 4.15.