A group of youths have come in for fierce criticism after meeting up round a camp fire and enjoying a barbecue today - in defiance of strict Government guidance on social distancing.

The youths fled when police arrived on the scene in Hipperholme, near Brighouse.

The incident is the latest blatant breach of the Government's lockdown rules, following an incident in which motorcyclists pulled wheelies down Wakefield Road, Bradford, yesterday, and another in which youths were pictured playing on play equipment in Lister Park, Mannigham, today.

Inspector Ben Doughty said:"You could not write this!

"Hipperholme today. 4 x youths having a camp fire/Bbq. Scarpered upen police arrival.

"Do you know where your kids are?"

The youths came in for criticism on social media, with one poster saying: "I think parents need to be far more responsible and keep their kids in. Talk to them and encourage them to be a volunteer and be constructive."