CONCERNS have been raised about working conditions in Bradford amid tough new Government measures to tackle coronavirus.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said people would only be allowed to leave the house for limited purposes. While travelling to and from work is permitted, this is only when absolutely necessary and where work cannot be done from home.

A number of worried workers have been in touch to share their own experiences.


One man, who did not want to be named, shared his experience of a job interview in Bradford with recruiter Staffline. He claimed applicants were “herded into a room to sit around tables with no social distancing at all”.

The man said he left as he could not go in with a clear conscience.

Staffline was contacted for a comment, but did not respond.

The above picture, taken at Royal Mail’s Bradford North Delivery Office on Inkersley Road on Tuesday was shared with the Telegraph & Argus. Royal Mail was contacted for comment, but did not respond.

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In a statement released on Tuesday, it outlined a raft of measures it had taken including the revision of standard ways of working to ensure that, wherever possible, workers stay two metres apart.

Meanwhile, a concerned worker from Country Style Foods, Girlington, got in touch to claim there were 30 workers in a room at less than an arm’s length apart.

But company spokesman Ryan Crossley said nobody had gone to him to complain and Bradford Council’s Environmental Health team had called and were satisfied with what they were doing.

Fears were also raised about TrustFord on Canal Road. One staff member claimed there were 15 mechanics in on Tuesday - not always operating at safe distances.

The worker said it was better today, with fewer staff and hand sanitiser, but they had no masks. But the dealership refuted the claims, saying seven mechanics were on duty on Tuesday and six yesterday - all at a safe distance at their work bays.

A spokesperson said there are two front desk staff, three in the Quick Lane operation and one on the parts desk.

“All of these colleagues are set up to work within the safety guidelines with more than the directed two metre space between them,” they said. “Hand sanitiser, cleaning products and gloves have been available for customers and colleagues for weeks.”

They said guidelines have been in place on safe distancing since it was first announced and extra cleaning services have been laid on.

Employees who work at a Next returns and distributions warehouse have also expressed concerns.

According to them, the warehouse, on Toftshaw Lane near Tong Street, has not been closed.

One member of staff, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “We deal with return parcels - it’s a non-essential business. So if we are to follow Boris Johnson’s guidance, why are we still at work?

“We get goods from all over, so the virus could spread easily here."

Another anonymous member of staff added: “It’s clothing and returns - it’s not essential stuff. This is a health and safety risk."

A manager at the warehouse was contacted for comment but did not wish to speak.